Guide to Continuous Instrument Selection (VOC's, Inorganic & Fixed Gases)


Species to be Measured
Concentration Range
Model # & Technology
VOC's total ppm 112 PID, FID
VOC's total- (no CH4 response) PID-ppm PID 201C
  PID-sub ppb PID- 201-PPB w concentrator
  FID- ppm to % 201-FID-ppm (incl. CH4)
Multipoint ppm 201-MultiPoint PID or FID
Non Methane HC (catalyst) FID ppm 210-FID (CH4 NMHC, and Total HC)
Non Methane HC (GC) FID ppm 230 GC with FID (CH4 NMHC, and Total HC)
CO2 ppm to 100% 202-IR
CH4 ppm to 100% 202-IR
CO 0-1000 ppm to 100% 202-IR
N2O 0-1,000 ppm 202-IR
CI2,H2S, benzene ppm to % 203 UV to Near IR
Mercury (Hg) Low ppb to ppm 280-UV
H2, He, Ar in air or N2 ppm to % 204- TCD binary systems
Exogas (H2, CO2,CH4) % 205-(TCD, 2 x IR)
Electrochemical ppm to % 1000-EC (H2S, O2, HCN, Cl2, HCl, NO, NO2, SO2 ...)
Specific VOC's, Inorganics, Fixed Gases ppb to % 301-C-PID, FID, TCD ,FPD, FUV
301C- Multipoint
VOC's/CH4 ppm/LEL 1000 CG-202 IR