Guide to Portable Instrument Selection


Species to be Measured
Concentration Range
Model # & Technology
VOC's total ppb PID- 102+
  ppm PID 102, 102+, FID-115 (CH4 also)
  % FID-115, 114 IR
CO2 ppm IR-114, 30P and 30F
  % IR-114, 107, 108
N2O ppm 114 IR
CO2, CO, SO2, NO %, ppm 107 Stack Gas
CO2, CH4, O2 % 108 Bio Gas /Landfill
HCl ppm 113-EC-HCl
Cl2 ppm 113-EC-Cl2
CH4 ppm/LEL 115-FID/114-CH4
Mercury (Hg) sub ppb to ppb 80-UV-UV absorbance
LEL LEL CG-113, 114, 102+, 103
H2, He ppm to% 113-TCD
HCN ppm 113-HCN
CO ppm 113-EC-CO
SO2 ppm 113-EC-SO2
NO ppm 113-EC-NO
NO2 ppm 113-EC-NO2
O2 % 113-EC-O2
H2S ppm 113-EC-H2S, PID 102, 102+