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Model 105 Hydrogen (H2) Analyzer

Product information

  • The Model 105 is an analyzer for the measurement of hydrogen (H2) in the workplace. This analyzer is unusual since it is easy to calibrate, has a fast
    response and has only one step to send logged data to a PC.
  • It uses a thermal conductivity sensor for the measurement of ppm or % levels of hydrogen. It has many unique features. It can also be used as a helium leak detector with a different calibration.
Model 105 Hydrogen (H2) Analyzer image coming soon



Thermal conductivity sensor for H2
Adjustable audible alarm


Rechargeable 3.7 V LiPO battery


2.4” Bright OLED


6 1/8" x 3 5/8" x 1.57”

Accuracy of Measurements

+/- 2%

Operating Temperature

0-50o C



Analog channels

16 bit ADC for best precision & accuracy

Electrical classification

General purpose, not for hazardous area


RS232, can be used to transfer the limited 1000 points to a PC
via a USB cable

Datalogging - Optional

100,000 data points includes Bluetooth, RTC, memory; Includes select BT on to transfer data to PC


Audible, visual (blinking display)

Sleep function

To extend time w/o battery usage


H2 Range 0-2,000 ppm and 0-50 % LEL
Bright OLED Display
Hydrogen—Temperature compensated
Integral pump
Fast response- 90% in 30 seconds
Audible alarm
Ease of calibration
Optional Datalogging & Bluetooth

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