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Model 322 Compact Lab GC

Product information

  • The Model 322 provides analytical capabilities unmatched by any other compact GC.
  • The Model 322 dual-detector capability combined with its isothermal or temperature programmed oven, choice of injectors, and the ability to accommodate packed or capillary columns provides exceptional stability and flexibility for a wide range of environmental, laboratory, and mobile lab applications.
Model 322 Compact Lab GC



Photoionization detector (PID), Flame ionization detector (FID), Thermal conductivity detector (TCD), Flame photometric detector (FPD), Far UV absorbance (FUV) detector, Catalytic combustion detector (CCD)

Species measured

PID & FID: Organics (VOCs by PID or FID) and inorganic species (H2S, NH3, AsH3… ) that can be ionized by the PID lamp (9.5, 10.6 or 11.7 eV)
TCD: Universal detector- fixed gases (O2, N2, CO…), organic and inorganic compounds, very sensitive for H2, He, Xe
FPD: Selective response for S or P compounds
Far UV: Nearly universal response for organic and inorganic compounds
CCD: Combustible compounds such as hydrocarbons

Detection Limit

PID - 0.5 ppb benzene
FID - 50 ppb benzene
TCD - H2 - 10 ppm; O2 150 ppm


PID Lamps

Our 9.5 and 10.6 eV lamps remain the best in the business since we developed them over 30 years ago.


Our very sensitive FID has flame out sensor that will shut off the hydrogen if the flame goes out.


Our very sensitive FPD has flame out sensor that will shut off the hydrogen if the flame goes out.

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