Model 1000 Electrochemical Analyzers for Toxic Gases in Air

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  • The Model 1000 is a low cost continuous Analyzer. There are a number of sensors 30+ EC, CG & TCD. It has an optional 4-20 mA output, a single programmable setpoint, larger pump & an industrial NEMA 4 enclosure.
  • This 1000 has a variety of sensors to chose from (>40) and comes with an Operator's Manual, configuration software and RS232 cable.
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Detectors Available: EC Sensors: CG Sensor: TCD Sensor:
Electrochemical (EC) & CG or TCD. CO2, CO, O2, O3, H2O2, SO2, H2S, THT, NO, NO2, NH3, AsH3, PH3, SH4, HCl, Cl2, ClO2,F2, HBr, HF, HCN, I2, Phosgene, H2, ETO, Formaldehyde, C2H4, 1,3 BD, Acrylonitrile Hydrocarbons, H2, NH3 H2, He, Xe, CO2,
Sensor(s): Precision: Response time: Sample flow rate:
Single or up to 3 EC sensors plus 1 TD or 1 CG +/- 2-3% of reading <10 sec. to < 60s FID (to 90%) response > 0.2 LPM
Span Drift: Range: Linear Range: Power consumption:
<2% over 24 hours Depends on sensor see brochure. See brochure. < 1 watt maximum.
Power: Dimensions: Weight: Instrument operating conditions:
90-220 VAC or 24 VDC 6.75'' W x103/8''H x 6 3/4''D 7.4 pounds. 5-40 degrees C, 0-95% RH (non-condensing).
Depends on sensor.


Single piece construction Ease of calibration Library Display
The single piece construction NEMA 4 enclosure constructed of fiberglass is waterproof, very rugged and durable. An optional 19 rack mount enclosure is also available A two point calibration is used for all detectors. A zero gas and a span gas are needed. The time to calibrate varies from about 20 seconds to 2 minutes. The Cal button is located on the main menu for ease of use. There are libraries for the CG and TCD sensors that are easily accessible. Our 2 line by 16 character display is backlit. The upper display provides the concentration and the bottom display provides the sensor, units, alarm and logging mode. For multisensor units, a 3 readout LED is used.
ADC Programmable Voltage/current output
Our 16 bit ADC provides a resolution of 1 part in 64,000 and our signal algorithm minimizes noise by signal averaging in the msec range./td> 0-1VDC/4-20 mA.

Want more information? Learn more by reading our brochure! Open PDF File | Download PDF | Back to Continuous