Model 108 Landfill Analyzer

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  • The Model 108+ is a Landfill Gas Analyzer that can measure high ppm or % levels of gases such as CH4 & CO2, O2 & H2S
  • The Model 108 includes two IR sensors for CH4 & CO2 with 2 additional electrochemical sensors for O2 & H2S, datalogging, Operator's Manual, and Rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride Battery. The main application is checking the composition of landfill gases.
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Species measured: Sensor(s): Precision: Response time:
Landfill gases CH4, CO2, O2 & H2S sensors +/- 2-3% of reading Varies from <10 sec. to 90% response for O2
Sample flow rate: Span Drift: Range: Linear Range:
> 0.2 LPM <3% over 24 hours 0-30% O2, 0-100% v/v CH4, 0-100% v/v CO2 and 0-1,000 ppm H2S Varies depending upon the sensor
Power consumption: Dimensions: Weight: Instrument operating conditions:
< 0.75 watt maximum 6.75'' W x13/8''H x 63/4''D, NEMA 4 enclosure 7.4 pounds 5-40 degrees C, 0-95% RH (non-condensing)
Performance: Battery operated:
CH4, O2 or CO2 Referred > 10 hours of operation


Sensors Ease of calibration Datalogging Display
Two IR sensors and two electrochemical sensors. The two point calibration for each sensor uses a zero gas and a span gas. The time to calibrate is about 30 seconds. The Cal button is located on the main menu for ease of use. Manual or automatic datalogging (7,000 points) is available. The 108P has a built in real time clock. Viewer software (Windows 98-XP compatible) comes with the 108P. Our 2 line by 16 character display can be backlit. The upper display provides the concentration and the bottom display provides the sensor, units, alarm and logging mode.
Backlit LCD Display ADC Programmable Voltage output Optional sampling system available
Allows for easy visibility. Our 16 bit ADC provides a resolution of 1 part in 64,000 and our signal algorithm minimizes noise by signal averaging in the msec range. 0-1VDC. View our PDF for more information.

Want more information? Learn more by reading our brochure! Open PDF File | Download PDF | Back to Portable