Model 113 Portable O2, H2S, NH3, CO2 Analyzer

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  • The Model 113+ is a EC based Analyzer that can measure up to ppm to% v/v of components and has the capability to add up to 2 EC sensors and a CG or TCD sensor.
  • The Model 113 includes the choice of one Snap-On Module plus up to 1-3 optional electrochemical sensors an an optional TCD or CG sensor , datalogging, Operator's Manual, and Rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride Battery.
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Species measured: Sensor(s): CG Sensor: TCD Sensor:
Universal response for TCD CO, O2, O3, H2O2, SO2, H2S, THT, NO, NO2, NH3, AsH3, PH3, SH4, HCl, Cl2, ClO2, F2, HBr, HF, HCN, I2, Phosgene, H2, ETO, Formaldehyde, C2H4, 1,3 BD, Acrylonitrile Hydrocarbons, H2, NH3 H2, He, Xe, CO2,
Precision: Response time: Sample flow rate: Span Drift:
+/- 2-3% of reading <10 sec. to 90% response plus depending on the sensor > 0.2 LPM <3% over 24 hours
Range: Linear Range: Power consumption: Dimensions:
ppm to 100% v/v depends on the sensor ppm to 100% direct reading < 0.75 watt maximum 8'' L x 3'' W x 2.25'' D
Weight: Instrument operating conditions: Performance: Battery operated:
1.5 pounds 5-40 degrees C, 0-95% RH (non-condensing) Isobutylene Referred > 10 hours of operation


Snap on Heads Sensors Single piece construction Ease of calibration
Unique Snap on Heads are available only from PID. The readout unit recognizes the head type and calibration factors when the heads are interchanged. EC (approximately 30 optional EC sensors), TCD, or CG. The single piece construction (when the head and readout units are snapped together) of ABS plastic is very rugged and durable The two point calibration for the TCD uses a zero gas and a span gas. The time to calibrate is about 40 seconds. The Cal button is located on the main menu for ease of use.
Datalogging Library Display Backlit Display
Manual or automatic datalogging (7,000 points) is available. The 113 has a built in real time clock. Viewer software (Windows 98-XP compatible) comes with the 113. There are libraries for the TCD & CG built into the 113 Our 2 line by 16 character display can be backlit. The upper display provides the concentration and the bottom display provides the sensor, units, alarm and logging mode. Allows for easy visibility.
ADC Programmable Voltage output
Our 16 bit ADC provides a resolution of 1 part in 64,000 and our signal algorithm minimizes noise by signal averaging in the msec range 0-1VDC

Want more information? Learn more by reading our brochure! Open PDF File | Download PDF | Back to Portable