Model 201+ Continuous Monitor for VOC's, Inorganic & Fixed Gases

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  • The Model 201C is a continuous VOC Analyzer designed for continuous or process control. It has optional 4-20 mA output, RS485, MODBUS, 2-4 programmable setpoints, larger pump, bypass flow & and a 19 rack or industrial wall mount NEMA 4 enclosure.
  • This 201C has the choice of one 9.5 or 10.6 eV lamp in a PID or an FID, Operator's Manual, configuration software and RS232 cable.
  • The detectors are the PID or FID
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Species measured: Sensor(s): Precision: Response time:
Organics (VOCs by PID or FID) and inorganic species that can be ionized by the PID lamp (9.5, 10.6 or 11.7 eV) Sensor(s): single- PID only or FID only +/- 1-2% of reading <2 sec. (PID) < 10s FID (to 90%) response
Sample flow rate: Span Drift: Range: Linear Range:
> 1 LPM <2% over 24 hours 0.1 to 6,000 ppm (optional ppb range)- PID
1 to 40,000 ppm FID
See above
Power consumption: Dimensions: Weight: Instrument operating conditions:
< 50 watts maximum; 115 VAC, 0.4 amps 19'' Rack mount - 19'' W x 5 1/4''H x 14''D
Wall - 2''W x 21''H x 10''D
19'' Rack mount - 12.2 pounds PID; 14 pounds FID
Wall - 19 pounds PID; 22 pounds FID
5-40 degrees C, 0-95% RH (non-condensing)
Isobutylene Referred


PID Lamps FID Enclosures Programmable setpoints
Our 9.5 and 10.6 eV lamps remain the best in the business since we developed them over 30 years ago. Our very sensitive FID has flame out sensor that will shut off the hydrogen if the flame goes out 19'' rack mount or NEMA 4 wall mount. The 1-3 setpoints (depends on the options) can be programmed for PID control, above/below setpoints
Display ADC Programmable Voltage/current output Digital outputs
Our 2 line by 16 character LED display is easy to read. The lower display is used for diagnostics. Our 16 bit ADC provides a resolution of 1 part in 64,000 and our signal algorithm minimizes noise by signal averaging in the msec range. 0-1VDC/4-20 mA. RS485, MODBUS
Ease of calibration- SemiAutomatic or Remote Automatic
The two point calibration for the PID uses an electronic zero (no zero gas needed) and a span gas. It is initiated by a push button switch. The time to calibrate is about 1 minute. The FID requires zero air and span gas for calibration. In the 201, the valving is built into the Analyzer. The remote calibration can be activated by a PLC controlled contact closure.

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