Model 204 Thermal Conductivity Analyzer for Process

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  • The Model 204 is a continuous TCD Analyzer designed for continuous or process control. It has optional 4-20 mA output, RS485, MODBUS, 2-3 programmable setpoints, larger pump, bypass flow & and a 19'' rack or industrial wall mount NEMA 4 enclosure.
  • This 204 has a rugged TCD with a sealed reference cell, Operator's Manual, configuration software and RS232 cable. The detector is the TCD.
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Species measured: Sensor(s): Precision: Response time:
He, H2, Ne, CO2, binary gases with a difference in thermal conductivity is required single - TCD only +/- 2-3% of reading <10 sec. to 90% response
Sample flow rate: Span Drift: Range: Linear Range:
> 1 LPM <2% over 24 hours 100 ppm to 100% See range.
Power consumption: Dimensions: Weight: Instrument operating conditions:
< 50 watts maximum; 115 VAC, 0.4 amps 19'' Rack mount - 19'' W x 5 1/4''H x 14''D
Wall - 23''W x 21''H x 10''D
19'' Rack mount - 12.2 pounds TCD
Wall - 19 pounds TCD
5-40 degrees C, 0-95% RH (non-condensing)
Depends on species being measured


TCD Enclosures Ease of calibration - SemiAutomatic or Remote Automatic Display
Our very stable TCD has a sealed reference to minimize maintenance. 19'' rack mount or NEMA 4 wall mount. The two point calibration for the TCD uses a zero gas and a span gas. It is initiated by a push button switch. The time to calibrate is about 1 minute. The FID requires zero air and span gas for calibration. In the 204, the calibration valves are built into the Analyzer. The remote calibration can be activated by a PLC controlled contact closure. Our 2 line by 16 character display is backlit. The upper display provides the concentration and the bottom display provides the sensor, units, alarm and logging mode. For multisensor units, a 3 readout LED is used.
ADC Programmable Voltage/current output Digital outputs Programmable setpoints
Our 16 bit ADC provides a resolution of 1 part in 64,000 and our signal algorithm minimizes noise by signal averaging in the msec range./td> 0-1VDC/4-20 mA. RS485, MODBUS. The 1-3 setpoints (depends on the options) can be programmed for PID control, above/below setpoints.

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