DL-101 and Windows ® File Transfer

Prior to using Windows 95® File Transfer, a connection must be established between the DL-101 and the PC. Select the telephone icon on the top of the HyperTerminal toolbar to establish a connection (indicated in the lower left of the screen (disconnected/Connected)).

PC Settings:

Open HyperTerminal in Windows 95® (found in the accessories folder) and start the hypertrm.exe program. The Connection Description dialog box will open, select Cancel.

Under File, select Properties and select the Phone Number tab and enter the following settings:
Phone Number tab:

The PC should now display the Properties/New Connection Properties dialog box again, select the Settings tab and enter the following:

Settings tab:

The PC is now correctly configured to receive data from the DL-101. Now that the PC has been correctly configured, saving these settings will make it quick and easy to transfer data in the future. To save the settings, select File, Save As, and enter a file name that is easy to identify (i.e. dl_win95.ht). Refer to the DL-101 operating manual for additional information related to the DL-101.

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