PID Analyzers develops sensors & analyzers for air, water and process applications and sells these products worldwide. The sensor technologies include photoionization, infrared, electrochemistry, catalytic combustion, flame ionization, capacitance, thermal conductivity, process gas chromatography... Many of our analyzers are multifunctional and include multiple technologies.



1-4 Gas Sensor Analyzers

ppb to %

VOC's, THC, H2, CG, Hg, H2S, CO2, CO, NO, NO2, SO2

102 Portable Gas Sensor Analyzer 115 Portable Gas Sensor Analyzer


PID, FID, TCD, Combustible Gas, IR, EC

Guide to Portable Instruments

Industrial hygiene, Indoor air quality, Leak detection, first responders, homeland security, Biogas, Landfill, Stack sampling

Model 30F IR CO2

Indoor Air Quality


Photo of Model 30F to measure indoor air quality


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VOC's, total HC (including CH4), Hg, Cl2, CO, CO2, CH4

201C Wall and Rack Continuous Analyzers

Environmental/Process GC

Wall Mount 301 Multipoint and Rack Mount 301C

Guide to Continuous Instruments (online)

VOC's-Carbon bed monitoring, Stack Sampling, Fenceline and Process monitoring, non CH4 HC

Continuous Instruments Guide (pdf)

Gas Chromatography (specific)

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VOC's, Toxics, Fixed Gases, Inorganics

Gas Chromatography GC312 drawing Gas Chromatography GC121

Battery operated portables- PID, FID, TCD, FPD, FUV, Lab GC Detectors: PID, FID

Guide to Chromatography Instruments

Industrial hygiene, Indoor air quality, Leak detection, first responders, homeland security. QC, near Process

Trace Metals


Mercury, Arsenic III/As V, Cd

Trace Metals Trace Metals


Arsenic (ppb low, sub), Hg (low, sub ppb), Cd- by HG/GC/PID HG (cold vapor AA)

Guide to Metal Instruments

Trace metals at ppb levels in food, water, air, juices, soil Hg in water by cold vapor AA

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Portable Instrument Product Line - Open PDF

Portable Analyzers Technology - Open PDF

Continuous Analyzer Product Line - Open PDF

GC Detector Series Sales Information - Open PDF

Model 33 Arsenic in Food & Water - Open PDF


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