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PID Analyzers develops sensors & analyzers for air, water and process applications and sells these products worldwide. The sensor technologies include photoionization, infrared, electrochemistry, catalytic combustion, flame ionization, capacitance, thermal conductivity, process gas chromatography. Many of our analyzers are multifunctional and include multiple technologies.

PID (Photoionization)
& FID (Flame ionization)
Portable, Continuous, LabVolatile Organic Compounds (VOC'S) in Air
For PID only: H2S, NH3, PH3, AsH3, Hg
ppb, ppm, %
PIDContinuous, LabVOC’s in Waterppb, ppm
InfraredPortable, ContinuousCH4, THC, CO2, N2O, COppm to %
ElectrochemistryPortable, ContinuousNO, NO2, NH3, H2S, CO, O3, SO2, HCl, Cl2, CH2O, N2H4, PH3, O2ppb to ppm
% (O2)
Gas ChromatographyPortable, ContinuousBenzene, BTEX, ETO, H2S, VOC's, PH3, AsH3
GC Detectors
PID, FID, TCD, Data Systems for GC
LabAdd on to any GC System: VOC's, Fixed Gases, Noble Gases
CG & TCDPortable & ContinuousCG (Combustible Gases), TCD- H2, He (Universal Detector)% LEL (CG), ppm to 100% (TCD)
Gas Flow Meters (cc/min)Air, He, H2, Ar, …MEMS Type 0-500, 0-1,000, 0-5 L/min