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Model 20 MEMS Gas Flow Meters

Product information

  • Micro Electro Mechanical Systems, (MEMS technology) are defined as miniaturized mechanical and electro-mechanical devices that are manufactured using microfabrication. MEMS Technology enables a wide range of available flow sensors from 0-500 SCCM to 0-5 SLPM.
  • The micro flow sensor measures a change (cooling) in thermal conductivity between two sensors. Only one is in the gas stream which is cooled by flow of the medium. The differential output is proportional to the gas flow. The system has a high accuracy and good repeatability. The built-in temperature sensor compensates the flow for changes in temperature. The output is linear over the range of flow.
Model 20 MEMS Gas Flow Meters



MEMS Sensor - NIST Traceable

Power Requirements

Supply 120 VAC


LiPO (UN38.3 approved), with smart charger

Accuracy of Measurements

+/- 1-2%


0.1-50.1o C

Operating temperature

0-50o C



Electrical classification

General purpose


RS232, (with limited 1000 points that can be transferred to a PC)

Datalogging (optional)

> with > 100,000 points of storage with RTC & Bluetooth to PC

Sleep function

> For extend time w/o battery usage


Latest MEMS Technology
Bright OLED
Optional Datalogging
Rechargeable LiPO battery
16 bit ADC- improved accuracy

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