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Model 10 Hydrogen Analyzer

Product information

Two and three electrode systems can be used for the electrode systems can be used for the electrochemical sensors. Sensor technology may include fuel cell (O2) or amperometric (CO, H2S, ...) where the sample is oxidized or reduced. The electrochemical sensors for H2S and aCO are calibrated monthly with a ppm span gas and zero gas.

Model 10 Hydrogen Analyzer



Electrochemical sensors for Toxics, O2 as well as CG

Sensors per unit

1 + 2 - sensors can be added (BYO) or EC+3 sensors


Rechargeable 3.7 V LiPO Battery


2.4'' Bright OLED


6.6'' x 3.4'' x 1.7''

Accuracy of Measurements

+/- 2%

Operating temperature

0-50 C, CE, RoHS

Analog Channels

16 bit ADC for best precision & accuracy

Electrical Classification

General Purpose, not for hazardous area


RS232, or BT can be used to transfer the limited 10,000 points to 100,000 data points, includes Bluetooth, RTC, memory; includes select BT on to transfer data to PC

Data logging (Optional)

Audible, visual (blinking display)


Bright OLED Display
Battery %
Rechargeable LIPO Battery
Data logging

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