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Model 312 Portable GC

Product information

  • PID Analyzers offers a new lightweight portable GC for IH, environmental, Process & Stack Monitoring, and Building Security applications.
  • The base Model 312 comes with Embedded Intel PC, Windows 10 OS, PeakWorks Software, Remote Control (worldwide for Troubleshooting, Training etc.)
Model 312 Portable GC



Photoionization detector (PID), Flame ionization detector (FID), Thermal conductivity detector (TCD), Flame photometric detector (FPD) (S or P), Far UV absorbance (FUV) detector

Measurement mode

Manual or Continuous, Syringe or 10 port valve

Battery life

NiMH 6-8 hours

Temperature range

30-60o C on battery; 30-80o C on line or 12 VDC

Zero drift

Automatic zero

Span drift

Less than 1% every month with calibration

Wide range of response

from ppb to 100%


1.66 GHz Pentium


10” Color VGA Monitor with touch screen (1024 x 760 resolution)

Storage device

32 Gigabyte solid State Drive, Internet connectivity

Operating System

Windows 10

Standard outputs

1 RS232; USB ports, 0-10V anal. Bluetooth, WiFi


Heavy duty plastic

Dimensions:18.75" L x 13.75"W x7.5"H


27 pounds

Power requirements

90-240 VAC-1 amp; 12 VDC


PID Lamps

Our 9.5 and 10.6 eV lamps remain the best in the business since we developed them over 30 years ago.


Our very sensitive FID has flame out sensor that will shut off the hydrogen if the flame goes out.


Our very sensitive FPD has flame out sensor that will shut off the hydrogen if the flame goes out.

Ease of calibration



10” high resolution HDMI color touch screen


Embedded Pentium Computer with > 1 GByte of RAM; data storage on 1 Gbyte USB memory stick.

Operating system

Windows 10 Operating System

Peak Detection & System Operation

Controlled by our 32 bit PeakWorks software program with more than 20 years of development.


Our 16 bit ADCs provide a resolution of 1 part in 64,000 and our signal algorithm minimizes noise by signal averaging in the msec range; the ADC can acquire positive or negative signals.


The 312 has 3 ranges with computer controlled autoranging- x1, x 10, x 100.


Beginning of each run

Programmable Voltage/current output


Digital outputs

USB connection

Battery life

3-4 hours; can operate off cigarette lighter adapter

Carrier gas

50 liters at 1500 PSI; typical capillary column 15-20 cc/min; typical packed column 30-40 cc/min

Programmable setpoints

The low and high setpoints (depends on the options) can be customer programmed for each point and/or compound


Typical column diameter: 3.5''
Temperature range:
Battery: 25-50 Degrees Celcius
External power: 25-100 Degrees Celcius

Bluetooth Capability
Remote Mini Bluetooth Keyboard / Mouse

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