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Model 301-C Process Gas Chromatograph

Product information

  • The Model 301-C PGCs are flexible and versatile Analyzers that are in their fourth generation.
  • The addition of these new Analyzers greatly improves the capability and range of Process Analyzers from PID.
Model 301-C Process Gas Chromatograph



Photoionization detector (PID), Flame ionization detector (FID), Thermal conductivity detector (TCD), Flame photometric detector (FPD), Far UV absorbance (FUV) detector

Species measured

PID & FID: Organics (VOCs by PID or FID) and inorganic species (H2S, NH3, AsH3… ) that can be ionized by the PID lamp (9.5, 10.6 or 11.7 eV)
TCD: Universal detector- fixed gases (O2, N2, CO…), organic and inorganic compounds, very sensitive for H2, He, Xe
FPD: Selective response for S or P compounds
Far UV: Nearly universal response for organic and inorganic compounds


Intel Pentium Computer

Intel Pentium Computer with 10" color VGA Display ,Microsoft Windows 10 & PeakWorks Chromatography Software

Wide Range of Universal to Specific Detectors

Universal: TCD, FUV;

Selective: PID, FID

Automatic Restart

In the event of a power outage

Automatic calibration

Automatically adjusts response on timed frequency;


each run

Wide operating range

16 Bit ADC with 3 decades of auto ranging

Compact 19” Rack

NEMA 2 enclosure (301C only) & Wall Mount NEMA 4 enclosure

PID- lamp out alarm; FID/FPD-flame out

shuts off hydrogen and provides alarm, TCD carrier out

RS232 digital output

0-1 VDC analog output

Data storage

40 GByte hard drive

Output Signals

RS232, RS485, MODBUS...

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