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Model 30 Electrochemical Sensor Analyzer

Product information

  • The Model 30 is an analyzer for the measurement of toxic gases in the
    workplace. This analyzer is unusual since it is easy to calibrate, has a fast response and has only one step to send logged (optional) data to a PC.
  • It uses electrochemical sensors for the measurement of ppb to ppm levels of selected toxins. It has many unique features.
  • We introduced the first commercial photoionization based instrumentation for industrial hygiene measurements of 1 ppm of vinyl chloride in 1974. Nearly 40,000 of the portable PIDs have been sold throughout the world for IH and safety measurement.
  • More than 50 United States Environmental Protection Agency and Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) methods based on PID have been published in the Federal Register.
Model 30 Electrochemical Sensor Analyzer



Electrochemical sensors for Toxics such as H2S, HCN, PH3,
AsH3 ETO, NH3, CH2O, Cl2, O3, CH3SH. O2, C2H4

Sensors per unit

One each – sensors can be easily changed but would have to be
recalibrated with the appropriate span and calibration gas


Rechargeable 3.7 V LiPO battery


2.4” Bright OLED


6 1/8" x 3 5/8" x 1.57”

Accuracy of Measurements

+/- ? %



Analog channels

16 bit ADC for best precision & accuracy

Electrical classification

General purpose, not for hazardous area


RS232, can be used to transfer the limited 1000 points to a PC
via a USB cable

Datalogging - optional

100,000 data points includes Bluetooth, RTC, memory; Includes select BT on to transfer data to PC


Audible, visual (blinking display)

Sleep function

To extend time w/o battery usage


Bright OLED Display
Toxics measurement at low or sub ppm levels
Integral pump
Fast response - 90% in 30 seconds
Audible alarm
Ease of calibration

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