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Model 2011 Infrared CO2 Analyzer

Product information

Dual Beam Infrared CO2 for Ambient Air & Workplace Monitoring

Model 2011 Infrared CO2 Analyzer


Detector Type

Dual Beam Infrared sensor for CO2


Multi point Cal - Autoranging


115/230 50/60 cycles

Display 3.5”

High Res TFT Color

Dimensions -Wall Mount

6.75" W x10 3/8"H x 6"D (W)

Dimensions 19" Rack

19" W x 10" H x 12" D (R)

Accuracy of Measurements

+/- 2%

Operating temperature

0-50 C

Analog channels

0-1 VDC


RS485, RS232 or 4-20 mA (optional)

Electrical classification

General purpose, not for hazardous area

Optional Z purge

to meet Class 1 Div 2 areas


100,000 data points includes Bluetooth, RTC, memory Alarm Audible & visual


Large bright 3.5" TFT Color Display
64 bit ADC for accuracy over 0-3000 & 0-10,000 ppm
RS485 with 100,000 data points
Plot and readout on display
Bluetooth data transfer

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